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Unless you have a genie, you cannot just sit around and wish for great skin. It is earned! Your ways of life have a big effect on what you see in the mirror. First and foremost, it is important to know your skin type. Is it oily, sensitive or dry? After you have that figured out, buy skin products that aim for your skin issues.

Now what? Which product goes on the skin first and what follows? Beauty Pie founder, Marcia Kilgore told Vogue UK that, “As a general rule of thumb, apply your products in this order: cleanser, toner/essence…

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Air pollution basically means the atmosphere possesses substances that are harmful to our health and/or the environment. Of particular concern are small particles (nanometer to micrometer scale) which deposit in our respiratory systems and also alter clouds and climate in complex and not yet fully understood ways. The atmosphere has always had such small airborne particles but human activities have added many new ones. The new particles are added directly, especially from combustion sources, or indirectly via human caused changes in the chemistry of the atmosphere (these particles form in the air).

Dr. Axel Eriksson, an associate senior lecture and…

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By now we all know that a good nutrition can affect your body organs positively in many ways and that includes your skin! The foods we eat everyday have a huge impact on the skin’s health.

Many studies have shown how dietary changes serve as a component or influence common skin conditions like acne, skin-aging, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis (eczema) and rosacea.

For certain skin conditions like acne, it is highly advisable to go easy on high-glycemic carbohydrates (pasta, white rice, white bread, sugar and sugary foods) as they release the hormone, insulin, which causes production of excess oils increasing your…

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Take a look around your home, see any succulents? If you do, you are a gem! If you don’t, maybe you should. Don’t worry about plant maintenance and care, succulents will give you so many benefits for so little plant care.

Succulents store water in their leaves, stems or roots so they can survive for long periods of time without being watered.

Generally, studies show that having indoor plants has positive effects on both mental and physical health.

Here some succulents that bring your home to life;

Aloe vera.

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You don’t have to be a chef to make the best food! Sometimes all you need is just a little guidance, a stove and a pan. You surely got the last two covered, I am just here for the guidance, the right guidance.

Down below is a list of cookbooks with recipes from all foods, vegan foods and gluten-free foods.

The books featured on here have been independently selected and reviewed by Spooye’s team. If you make a purchase using the links included, Spooye may earn a commission.

All Foods

In this category, books with all around food recipes will be featured…

How she has dealt with bipolar, depression and Poetry

Photo: Sophia Falco. Originally written on

Sophia Falco is a young talented award winning poet, mental health advocate and a blogger for the International Bipolar Foundation. At only 26, she has won multiple awards and published numerous poems and her famously known chapbook, The Immortal Sunflower. She walks Spooye through her journey with bipolar disorder and poetry.

“I started writing poetry after I was given a poetry project my senior year in high school so I’ve been writing for about 7 years now. I am ever so grateful for that project because otherwise it probably would have…

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From let’s say late march (spring) to September, our bodies generate Vitamin D when exposed to direct sunlight indoors or outdoors. However, for the rest of the months (late September to early march) in polar and temperate zones, Sunlight does not have enough UVB (Ultraviolet B) radiation which interacts with a protein called 7-Dehydrocholesterol (7-DHC) in our skin and converts it to vitamin D3, the active form of vitamin D. So, throughout these months, mostly winter, our bodies depend on Vitamin D food sources (this includes fortified foods) and/or dietary supplements.

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It is mind-boggling that even with the numerous articles written on why black people should wear sunscreen, a high percentage of the black community still is unaware. There is a huge misconception or myth that black skin cannot be affected by the sun. This is overstated! When a black person is exposed to the sun (ultraviolet rays), your body makes more melanin for protection from some of the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. However, it isn’t enough to keep you safe from the same damage UV rays would cause to non-black skin.

Some of the damages from exposure to UV rays…

Photo by Raphael Brasileiro from Pexels Written by SmYer on

As we all already know, racial discrimination is any kind of discrimination on individuals basing on their skin color, race, ethnic or national origin, physical appearance, language, religion and culture. You would think that we are in modern times and the “world has changed” but child, the world just can’t get past hate and racism. This pandemic is part of a big virtual system of hierarchy that it is impossible for us to escape the grip of its hand.

Why racism is still extant?

How we are raised: Most of our life habits (or what is good and bad) are acquired at home, in society…

Exercise can be any activity that improves or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. People do it for a number of different reasons which include, weight loss or maintenance, strength improvement, health benefits or just for pleasure. or just for pleasure. Where can it go wrong, right? Well, as the old saying goes, “too much of anything is not good”.

Fatigue and muscle pains.

If you work out every day intensely, there are higher possibilities of attaining injuries, fatigue, cramping and muscle pains which are not fun obviously. …


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